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The world is full of eye-catching patterns that range from something as small as the lines of a leaf to something as grand as swirling clouds over a mountain range. Here at Artistic Image, we specialize in capturing the unique patterns and perspectives of these contrasting subjects and everything in between. Gaze at the different categories to see what we mean. You won't find cliché images here. Also, photoshop is never used to alter or add to any of our images. What you see is what nature provided. These unique images are what sets Artistic Image from other photographers. Our mission is to offer quality art that will inspire you to see the world differently. We hope that you enjoy these unique images as much as we did capturing them. Lastly, all of our images are printed by trusted companies that we personally tested to ensure that you are satisfied. Explore photography that you have never seen before at Artistic Image.

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What is the secret behind the pictures?

Behind the Picture, Dec 29, 2021
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With so many great unphotoshopped pictures at Artistic Image, you may be wondering what the secret is. The secret to many of my high quality images are the filters that I use. One of the best filter brands that I use and highly recommend is Formatt-Hitech. Why is this? While there are many filter brands out there, they are either extremely expensive, easy to scratch, or leave color casts. Formatt-Hitech's filters are priced reasonably and do not leave color casts with any of their filters, including their inexpensive resin filters. The best part is that most of their filters are glass. While glass filters can shatter if not properly cared for, they are not easy to scratch and do not bend, unlike resin filters. Formatt-Hitech's filters help me to get the shot right in my camera without the need for lengthy and time consuming post-processing. Formatt-Hitech's Firecrest Ultra filters feature a special coating that provides great nutral density using rare earth metals. Formatt-Hitech's filters and filter kits are available here.

This post is an honest opinion and I am not getting paid by Formatt-Hitech to write this. However, the links to Formatt-Hitech's website are affiliated and I will earn a commission on sales.(Click here to learn more)

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